Chichester College awarded ‘Outstanding’ grade for residential provision

Written by Eleanor on 23rd October 2018

Chichester College has received a fourth consecutive ‘outstanding’ inspection grade for care standards, after a recent inspection by Ofsted.

The college’s residential provision – which comprises of students who live on campus in the Woodlands and Westgate Halls of Residence or within a homestay – came under the microscope in late September with an Ofsted inspection – and there was cause to celebrate.

In the post-inspection report, released on Friday 19 October, the college was given outstanding grades in every area and the support and care provision offered to students was among the areas to receive praise. The report stated: ‘Students make exceptional progress educationally, socially and emotionally through access to a multi-disciplinary team which provides bespoke wraparound support.’

Andrew Green, Executive Principal for the Chichester College Group, said: “The report is a credit to the whole team at Chichester and really reflects how our staff place students at the heart of all that we do.

“It is down to their hard work and determination that we can offer all of our students such outstanding support and care.

“We could never have achieved this grade without efforts of Kate Stenning, who manages our accommodation, and her team who do such a brilliant job in caring for these students.

“And this is supported by many other teams across all areas of the college.”

The inspection took place over two days, with two Ofsted inspectors looking at the experiences and progress of young people at the college. They met with staff and students, as well as their families where possible. They also observed staff working with young people, reviewed all paper work and toured the facilities.

The report said: ‘Residential students thrive at the college. They mature and learn essential life skills, making them ready for employment or higher education.’

It went on to say: ‘Students consistently say they feel safe in the college. All students have staff they will go to if they are worried or upset and the inclusive wrap around service ensures all students have a named member of staff as a point of contact, who is also monitoring their welfare and academic progress.’

The report also praised the way the college listens to the student body: ‘The students’ voices are threaded through all aspects of the college. Students are influential in all aspects of policy making and on-site developments. They feel that their opinions their genuinely matter.’

Ofsted, who have a statutory duty to review this area of the college every three years, last visited in February 2015, awarding the college an ‘Outstanding’ grade. This latest inspection result means the college’s residential provision has held an ‘Outstanding’ overall grade for 12 years.