Travelling to Brinsbury

Our countryside campus

Getting to our Brinsbury campus has never been easier. We have a number of dedicated bus routes running across West Sussex to take you right to the campus doorstep.

The three routes, from Shoreham, Crawley and Chichester, will help you to reach our stunning countryside campus in the cheapest and easiest way possible.

From Shoreham (bus route 1)

Our route 1 service will start in Shoreham, stopping at Lancing, Worthing Pier, Broadwater, Findon Valley, Washington and Ashington before arriving at our Brinsbury campus.

From Crawley (bus route 2)

Our route 2 service will start in Crawley, stopping at Broadfield, Horsham, Broadbridge Heath, Southwater and Billingshurst before arriving at our Brinsbury campus.

From Chichester (bus route 3)

Our route 3 service will start in Chichester, stopping at North Bersted, Bognor Regis, Felpham, Littlehampton, Wick and Arundel before arriving at our Brinsbury campus.

From Pulborough train station (station shuttle service)

We are still offering our station shuttle service between Pulborough train station and the Brinsbury campus alongside the new bus routes.

There is a nominal charge for the shuttle service of £30 per term or £80 for the academic year. To use the shuttle service you must purchase a pass, you can do this through the online store.

A public transport bus service also runs along the A29, with the 100 bus between Horsham and Pulborough stopping right outside the campus.

How to buy tickets

Bus tickets for all our routes are available at the Chichester College Online Store.

If you are applying for the Learning Support Grant (LSG), you may be eligible for a pass for any of our routes. Please ensure you complete the LSG application form (further information can be found on the Financial Help page) and also apply for an LSG ticket through the online store.

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Route 1 (Shoreham - Worthing - Brinsbury)
Daily - College days only
  Route 2 (Crawley - Horsham - Brinsbury)
Daily - College days only
  Route 3 (Chichester - Bognor - Brinsbury)
Daily - College days only
Morning     Morning     Morning  
Shoreham, Ropetackle 07:50   Crawley Bus Station, Stop D 07:45   Chichester Bus Station (Southgate) 07:20
Lancing, Beach Green 07:55   Broadfield, A2220, Cheals Roundabout  07:52   North Bersted shops 07:35
Worthing Pier, Stop D 08:05   Broadfield, Breezehurst Roundabout 07:54   Bognor Regis High Street 07:45
Broadwater Church 08:15   Horsham Railway Station, Stop L 08:15   Felpham, The Southdowns 07:55
Findon Valley shops 08:25   Broadbridge Heath, Tesco 08:25   Littlehampton Anchor Springs 08:10
Washington Recreation Ground 08:40   Southwater, Lintot Square 08:35   Wick Post Office 08:15
Ashington Red Lion  08:45   Billingshurst, Kings Arms 08:50   Arundel Riverside 08:28
Brinsbury Campus 09:00   Brinsbury Campus 09:00   Brinsbury Campus 08:50
Afternoon     Afternoon     Afternoon  
Brinsbury Campus 16:30   Brinsbury Campus 16:30   Brinsbury Campus 16:30
Ashington Red Lion  16:45   Billingshurst, Kings Arms 16:35   Arundel Riverside 16:55
Washington Recreation Ground 16:55   Southwater, Lintot Square 16:50   Wick Street Post Office 17:08
Findon Valley shops 17:05   Broadbridge Heath, Tesco 17:00   Littlehampton Anchor Springs 17:13
Broadwater Church 17:15   Horsham Railway Station, Stop K 17:10   Felpham, The Southdowns 17:28
Worthing Pier, Stop F 17:25   Broadfield, Breezehurst Roundabout 17:25   Bognor Regis High Street 17:38
Lancing, Beach Green 17:30   Broadfield, A2220, Cheals Roundabout  17:27   North Bersted shops 17:48
Shoreham, Ropetackle 17:35   Crawley Bus station, Stop D 17:40   Chichester Bus Station (Southgate) 18:03
Station Shuttle Service
Daily - College days only
Pulborough Station 09:00 (Tues, Weds, Thurs only)            
Brinsbury Campus 09:15 (Tues, Weds, Thurs only)            
Pulborough Station 09:05 (Mon-Fri)            
Brinsbury Campus 09:20 (Mon-Fri)            
Brinsbury Campus 16:30 (Tues, Weds, Thurs only)            
Pulborough Station 16:45 (Tues, Weds, Thurs only)            
Brinsbury Campus 16:40 (Mon-Fri)            
Pulborough Station 16:55 (Mon-Fri)            


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